call of duty ghost

  1. O

    Tool Call of Duty: Ghosts - Unlock All Tool Ascension by Sharp Knife +Download

    All Perks do stick on the account. Download -!gCAyxaiL Key - !F7LjLBvOPEbqipCMZwMIHEFu7H1jKEb_c5_2ZY5jUi4 VirusTotal - VirusTotal
  2. Venox

    Release Ghost Menu Base 1.16

    Hey Guys i got the last days many requests about a ghost NonHost Menu Base . i saw Stanky made one but i dont like the menu layout (inside) is better than this yes, thats your opinion what for base you use. This base was made by Exile for Bo3(1.04) what i made i ported this to ghost and changed...
  3. Lucifer

    Answered Cod ghost rtm tool tac classes

    I am currently working on a tool that allows me to give people tactical insertions on there classes and them be able to keep it on there classes. Like in Advanced Warfare there is a tool that allows you to do that now i wanna be the first to be able to do this for ghost. If anyone is able to...