1. wmp

    2 Premium Avatar Packs Space Theme, Spooky Theme + All Ghost Avatars

    Join my Discord Server PC/Console Modding Community & Resource Lounge Space Theme: Pack '1 Spooky Theme: Pack '2
  2. H

    I need help with BO2 PS3 Leaderboards

    Is there any way to mod the number of games played in the BO2 leaderboards? I can add max 299 kills, deaths, unlimited captures, defends, assists, score... but, the games played, how I can mod them? IN XBOX THEY ARE MODDED AND WHAT I HAVE TO DO IN PS3???
  3. xMitroModz

    PS3 4.00 SDK-YLoD

    Thought i would post this because of all the dead links:)!hAg2nITK!MgifoVWgbbmg7rK0BTVcsA
  4. Iwau


    James Mod Loader V35 Total of 51 Menus Counted them Myself. Total of 24 Map Mods can access them through MaggotMaps. GTA V PLAYER MODEL LIST GTA V PLAYER MODEL LIST - GTA V VEHICLE LIST GTA V VEHICLE LIST - GTA V PROP LIST GTA V PROP LIST - [/SPOILER]...
  5. Lucifer

    Service Lucifer's Mod Shop

    Welcome CCM members to my mod shop here I will be selling a variety of things My service is really quick and I am trusted. Failure on my part to give you your recovery or what you purchased will result in termination of this thread and more then likely my status as moderator on the site. I...
  6. J

    Answered Rebug 4.82.1 Update Problem

    Hey there CabConModding crew! I got a quick question today. I saw that there's a Rebug update from 4.81.2 to 4.82.1 on their official site. I grabbed the updat.pup file and tried to install over-top of Rebug 4.81.2 and I'm getting the"download corrupt" error. I'm running Rebug 4.81.2 DEX with...
  7. Robsondingeh

    Question What is the best GTA V Mod Menu?

    Hello Guys, Im searchin on the web for a good menu. I found a lot of free menu's but what is the best one with the most options! Hope you can help me and give some suggestions. Peace out!
  8. droid

    Release Paranormal SPRX BETA | Best Free Menu + Client Control & More (Absolutely free)

    Hey Guys Viiperz Here realising Paranormal SPRX BETA Free enjoy the menu and contact me on what i should add skype : andrewofts6 VIDEO 2 IS THERE BECAUSE NORMAL VIDEO IS BLOCKED IN SOME COUNTRYS Skype Chat : Join conversation Video: Video 2: Download : DOWNLOAD ENJOY THE MENU BETA V1.0...