1. EFK


    //OLD OFFSET WAIT MY UPDATE BIG WELCOME START GAME | [string] | 0x02986C6E [UPDATE] PLUTO STAFF MEMBER | [string] | 0x02986F44 [UPDATE] VSAT | [4 Bytes] | 0x0237637C [NO UPDATE] CUSTOM TCHAT | [string] | 0x00BFBF38 ex : remplacer par FONT_SMALL [UPDATE] CUSTOM TCHAT V2 | [string] |...
  2. xPonyxAssassinx

    GSC Black ops 2 Disco Sniper Lobby code By xPonyxAssassinx

    please subscribe To My Youtube if You want me to release more black ops 2 gsc codes this video has to hit 100 likes if this video hits a 100 likes ill post my Thunder gun lobby code Add it To Your Menu like This self add_option( "Yoursubmenuname", "Sniper Lobby", ::initsniperlobby ); self...
  3. Aqua!

    Answered How to show ON/OFF text inside the menu option it self?

    Here is an example of what I am talking about: (In the RED circle.) I want to know how to change "[OFF]" to "[ON]" when you select the option. Thank you for helping in advance if you do! :smile: - Aqua! :cabconmodding:
  4. oVitality

    Answered How to blur the background when the menu is open?

    Example of what i am looking for: Just the line of code would be nice, thank you! :smile:
  5. Lucifer

    Question Working Force Host Code??

    I am currently looking for a force host code for a tool on bo1 im editing if anyone has a working force host code please let me know. I have tried the current codes RPC.cBuf_AddText(1,"party_connectToOthers 0"); RPC.cBuf_AddText(1,"partyMigrate_disabled 1")...
  6. iTahhr


    // Credits Go To Extinct \\ // Description \\ Dive on the ground and make an explosion // Code \\ PHD_Perk() { if(self.PHD==false) { self.PHD=true; self thread phd_flopper(); self iPrintlnbold("PHD Flopper [^6ON^7]"); } else {...