cold war

  1. Dimitri Sokolov

    Service COLD WAR - Multiplayer Service - Camos/DM Ultra/Operators/DLC Weapons/Rank

    COLD WAR - MULTIPLAYER RECOVERY SERVICE WHAT WE OFFER • All Unlocks • All Camos • Max Rank • Operators • DLC Weapons HOW CAN I BUY? Private Message me on here. Accepted Payments: • Paypal • Venmo • CashApp IS THIS SAFE? 100% SAFE! NOTE Modern Warfare 2019 (Multiplayer) is required. This is...
  2. BACKUP7147

    Call of Duty Cold War Zombies modded lobbies

    Disclaimer: These are not hard unlocks. ----------------------------------------- Prices for Cold War ----------------------------- Gamer Package: $30 $20 verified Prestige of your choice or Max Prestige/Level 1000. +$5/friend. Regular Gamer Package: $40 $25 verified Prestige of your choice...
  3. Gamblerr

    Service You won't find any cheaper cold war xp lobby!

    I'm offering Call of Duty: Cold War XP Lobbies for only £15 (or any other currency worth that amount). - $20 for LVL1000 ONLY (WITH ALL WEAPONS IT'S $25) - DARK AETHER IS TIME CONSUMING SO IT'S ALWAYS SEPARATE AND WILL COST $50. - 9999x XP and Weapon XP Rate - God Mode - Infinite Ammo - All...