1. Craze

    Release Rosa 0.2 | Alpha

    Rosa 0.2 I still have a lot of work to do, can't wait for the full release though. If someone records this, I will put it on the thread. Just reply with the link. (I need someone popular to upload a video on it lol) Credits: Me CabCon (Dvar Sliders) xTUL (AIO Base) TehMerkMods (PS3 Freeze)...
  2. Craze

    [C#/Tutorial] How to make a Discord Bot (Outdated?)

    [[ Please move this thread to the Discord section, once we get one ]] Requirements: Visual Studio Small knowledge of C# Nuget Package Manager (Look below for how to get) Ok, firstly make sure you have Visual Studio. Also, you need "Nuget Package Manager" for it. If you don't have "Nuget...