custom camo

  1. 115sparkles

    Release BO1 Style Silver M1911 for Zombies

    heyo ^-^ So again, I was bored and decided to whip up another little thing that may be appreciated by someone somewhere. Screenshots below: simple texture replacement for the M1911 that makes it look like the classic silver BO1 M1911. Everything is silver and the grip is black ^^ As you can...
  2. Bossnagev420

    Release Redacted non dlc custom camos

    Hey guys so i had a hard tim finding the names of the non dlc camos on the internet so i decided to figure them out by my self. I cloudn´t figure out he names of the A-Tacs the Art of War and the Carbon fiber camos i know gold and diamond but i didnt include them here because i think they look...
  3. TheKillerey

    Release Custom Camos #15.1 | Bo3 - Mod Tools | Download | Madgaz Camo + Teaser

    Hey CCM :) I want to share my newest camo Madgaz Camo! The Camo was requested by Madgaz but he still not use it so I release it! Damn Son ! Teaser Camos: - CabCon Camo for Bo3 Zombies - TheKillerey Camo for Bo3 Zombies - Map: Killer Lake (Very Early Teaser) SRY GUYS I SPEAK GERMAN :/...
  4. TheKillerey

    Release Custom Camos #15 | Bo3 - Mod Tools | Download | Icefire,Nightmare,Madgaz

    Heya CCM I want to release here my Custom Camo Series #15 - I forgot to post it in here so here it is. Download You can Request Camos for your Bo3 Map! :grinning: Pics:
  5. TheKillerey

    Release Custom Camos #14 | Bo2-Redacted | Download | CabConModding Camo

    Hey Guys :grinning: A new Custom Camo Series Part is here :grinning: Now for the CabConModding Community :heart: It replace the Cyborg Camo Download
  6. TheKillerey

    Preview Custom Camos #10 | Black Ops 1 | Ice Fire and Dark Matter Camo

    Whats up guys I want to show you my new Custom Camo Series #10 First of all I recreated my old and also loved Ice Fire Camo to Black Ops 1 but now its animated :grinning: The second is the Dark Matter Camo. Its a Black Ops 3 remake!!! BTW its also animated :grinning: Ice Fire Camo: Dark Matter...