custom camos

  1. Bo1ZombiesE115

    Release My Cod 4 Black Ops Zombies C4 Custom Camo (PC)

    download link and install instructions in video description If you know how to make custom camos for cod mw2 or cod 4 on ps3 dm me
  2. Slander

    Preview Custom Camo on the Intervention (Redacted Only)

    Greetings, From the discussion thread I posted the other day, some people have said they would like camos for the custom weapons and some said no. I am going to be working on getting weapons fixed to where people will want to use them and also to get camos done for them. I personally have fun...
  3. Slander

    Discussion Custom Camos for DLC Weapons (ported weapons)

    As we all know, getting camos on the ported weapons hasn't been done yet, but it is possible. I've been working on somethings and have got some parts of a camo showing up on the Intervention. My question I want to ask you guys is, if I were to get custom camos working on the ported weapons and...