1. itsnotpro

    Cheapest BO3 Recovery's, Divinium and Cryptokeys

    Join my discord to purchase: Join the itsnotpro BO3 Recovery's Discord Server! Currency is USD Prices are somewhat firm but might go lower Multiplayer: Unlock all + Max Rank + Unlock all achievements $5.00 Max Rank - $2 Max Stats - $2 Max rank + stats $3 5k Cryptokeys- $2.00 (approx. 8-10...
  2. Matt


    Greetings Users of CCM! I'm rather curious whether anyone here has a fast(or fast-ish) wpm :D Feel free to post videos/screenshots of you typing/scores that you have got. The sites that I use are: 10fastfingers and typeracer Here is my most recent one: Feel free to record your typing IRL...