1. Flutts

    Release MW2 Lobby Tools Edited By Flutts

    Lobby Tools V2 Edited By Flutts Things I Have Added End Game XP Lobby - For Dom/FFA/Demo/War Give All Player Lvl 70 / Prestige 1-10 / Infections / Legit - Insane Stats Give A Single Player Lvl 70 / Prestige 1-10 / Legit - Insane Stats Gold Deagle Only Mode Walking AC130 Only Mode Default...
  2. Z

    GSC Halo 3 Fat kid clone.

    While adding gametypes to my menu, I ended up wanting to make a gamemode like infection from halo. I specifically made this one to mimic Fat Kid, but the settings can easily be changed to fit whatever gametype you want. I figured I would post this here to see as many people having fun as...
  3. Liam

    Riddle of the Day

    Hi Guys, Thought I'd actually leave the shoutbox for a change and post a thread. Here, I will post a riddle each day. The answer will be revealed the following day. Leave your guesses in the comments and be sure to quote the Riddle. Don't cheat and google it as it ruins the fun. Yesterdays...