1. F

    Release 2Head2Body (Trickshot Game Mode)

    just put the the custom_game_mp folder in your cloud folder and run redacted
  2. G

    Tutorial How to make a L33T Gamemode

    Hey Guys! I wanted to make this quick tutorial on how to make an amazing gamemode on MW3! Its pretty easy! Step 1: Go Into a Game Step 2: Pick anything but a class without an RPG or Riot Shield Step 3: Spell out "Hax" with your bullets How it should look like this Once that is done you can...
  3. TheHiddenHour

    GSC Hour's GSC Projects Thread

    TheHiddenHour's GSC Projects Thread What you will find in this thread: A bunch of **** that I make because I get bored. Most of it will probably be unfinished, so use it at your own risk. If I know that it's stable, I'll say so :innocent:. Anything of mine goes in here. Menus, bases, gamemodes...
  4. Supreme

    Release [Release][Source] Avalanche Gamemode By Extinct Black Ops 2!

    Avalanche Hello guys its Extinct here releasing my newest gamemode called 'Avalanche' this gamemode is a gamemode from Grand Theft Auto 5, When i first seen it i had an urge to remake it for Black Ops 2 i personally think this is a fun gamemode to play with friends in a private match or just...