1. Frenchglouglou

    Tool Add a mini gun in a class

    I found this tool that doesn't work in multiplayer and doesn't serve much purpose, but it is displayed in the game classes.
  2. alftgrosnoob

    Release Unlock all [Call of Duty: Ghosts] PC

    Link github = GitHub - 1nUrF4c3/1-SK_Unlocker: Call of Duty: Ghosts - Unlock All Link mega = 254 KB file on MEGA It is now 14/10/2022 and the unlockall is still working. I created a MEGA link in case the github is dead
  3. Liam

    Release Velonia Source

    Source Code to Velonia Non-Host for MW2, MW3 and Ghosts on Xbox 360. Requirements Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Microsoft XBOX SDK ( full installation ) **Note**: vs 2010 is only required for the SDK, if you are using a higher VS version, you will need to install C++ Dependencies. Supported...
  4. Extort

    Request Call of Duty Ghosts Mod Menu or Unlock All Tool

    I'm looking for a Ghosts mod menu or a tool which you can use to give yourself unlock all + prestige & level etc. I can pay for the tool/mod menu if payment is required. Thanks!
  5. Liam

    Release TU17 Velonia

    Hey CC, It's been a while! Today I'm dropping a beta version of something I have been working on and off for over a year now. Velonia is a TU17 off-host menu which is free to use. It is also available for TU24 and TU9. Now, I don't expect this to be the next best thing, but I have spent a...