grand theft auto 5

  1. Bambus

    Release Just another GTA V Modding service

    Fischiii's Modding service I'm proud to say that we're probably the most casual modding service for GTA V out there! As usual with modding services we offer Rank upgrades, Money in seriously high amounts, Unlock alls and modded outfits. We also do giveaways so even being alive and clicking a...
  2. T

    Outdated Grand Theft Auto V Mod Installer [v0.4.5]

    This is the Major Bug fix UPDATE / MultiPlayer Mod Menu Update My Website: Link
  3. Cigno

    Outdated Grand theft Auto 5 PC Mod Menu - Washed Out V2.1 | WORKING 1.28 by XeRoosterMods +Download

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any banned accounts *USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK* Installation Place all files in your GTA file location directory. (C: \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V) 64-bit (C: \Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V)...
  4. Venox

    Question GTA5/What you think about Ps4 Modding?

    Hey here is Alt long Time no see . . i was very busy but now im back at modding My question to you is: what you think about ps4 modding ? can we Talk now about it ? let me Name it Memory Editing because Modding isn't now not the right word for it . Let me know what you think . Gta5 Ps4...
  5. droid

    Release Paranormal SPRX BETA | Best Free Menu + Client Control & More (Absolutely free)

    Hey Guys Viiperz Here realising Paranormal SPRX BETA Free enjoy the menu and contact me on what i should add skype : andrewofts6 VIDEO 2 IS THERE BECAUSE NORMAL VIDEO IS BLOCKED IN SOME COUNTRYS Skype Chat : Join conversation Video: Video 2: Download : DOWNLOAD ENJOY THE MENU BETA V1.0...
  6. NexusDev

    Riptide Force Source Code - PS3/PC/XBOX

    Riptide Force Source Code - PS3 / XBOX / PC Download : Riptide Force Source
  7. NexusDev

    Tutorial How To Add Glare Header To Menu Base

    1st Go To Ur Menu Source Code 2nd Add This Code Into Ur Menu Menu Base Used For Presentation : 2much4u Code 1: add These 1st: int gGlareHandle; int scaleform; float gGlareDir; float GlareX = 1.10f; float GlareY = 0.41f; float Glarewidth = 0.71f; float Glareheight = 0.73f; Code 2 [Main]...