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  1. StonedYoda

    Release Echelon v2.0 by StonedYoda

    Hello Guys its me StonedYoda bringing you my newest ModMenu Echelon V2. Video Screenshots Menu Infos: Echelon V2 is one of the Stablest Modmenus ive ever Created and for sure this is my favorite Menu! It contains a lot of new Scripts and many Mods you will Enjoy! Menu uses Unlimited...
  2. StonedYoda

    Release Official Menubase for Bo2 (GSC)

    Hi wazzup Guys, its me StonedYoda bringing you the CCM Menubase. First of all: This is a CCM Exclusive Project (like Echelon) so it will only be released on CCM. Here are a few Features of the Base: (Maybe a advanced Version coming soon) - Overflowfix - All Client Verification - Dynamic...
  3. StonedYoda

    Release Black Ops PWND Patch by iMCSx Remaked by StonedYoda + Alpha Download!

    wazzup CCM? Its me another time StonedYoda, bringing you a new Modmenu made by me :tonguewink: its a remake of iMCS'x "Black Ops PWND Patch" I worked on it for about 2 weeks, its an older Project i decided to Release now! Download [Now All Platforms]: Virusscan: Video: Pictures: Credits: