gsc menubase

  1. StonedYoda

    Release Official Menubase for Bo2 (GSC)

    Hi wazzup Guys, its me StonedYoda bringing you the CCM Menubase. First of all: This is a CCM Exclusive Project (like Echelon) so it will only be released on CCM. Here are a few Features of the Base: (Maybe a advanced Version coming soon) - Overflowfix - All Client Verification - Dynamic...
  2. StonedYoda

    Release [Bo2/GSC] - StonedYoda's GSC Board [Scripts/Sources]

    StonedYoda's GSC Board -----> Functions: Godmode Pistol (made for @dorathekiller97) [Alpha Version may have bugs] New: StonedYoda's dvar Editor (with All client FOV) Javelin (Modded Weapon remaked of Mw3) [Yoda Edit with the Real Bullet Fly type] Real working...