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  1. R

    Question How much does Infinity Loader cost?

    Hey there, I was wondering if I can view the prices of infinity loader somewhere?
  2. BullyWiiPlaza

    Tool GSC Lines of Code Counter

    I thought that it would be useful to count the total lines of code in a GSC project. For this I found CLOC which you can download here. Since this is a command line tool, you'll have to use CMD and type the following command: cloc-1.64.exe --force-lang="C",gsc "D:\Bossam v6" The first parameter...
  3. Chrillex

    Tool GSC Color Tool

    Simple GSC Color Tool Download: https://irremediable/?7hb92l0coyjeby3 Virus Scan (4 / 54) - Due To Encryption: Antivirus scan for f38227d5051fc842485fdd3242ce91c994a9cec40bd1ecfc9ce4920e20b0c872 at2016-06-17 10:48:03 UTC - VirusTotal