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  1. Slumpp

    Source Cheap GTA Recoveries w/ VERY LOW BAN % GUARANTEE [SALE THRU 3/1]

    Hey There :handwaving: We currently have a sale going on thru 3/1 for GTA Recoveries, Prices and Info are as follows: Silver [Level 1 - 500] [$0 - $300M] [Unlock ALL] $5 $3.75 Gold [Level 1 - 700] [$0 - $600M] [Unlock ALL] $7.50 $5.50 Diamond [Level 1 - 8000] [$0 - $1B] [Unlock ALL] $10 $7.50...
  2. Serendipity

    Release [GTA5 BLES / 1.28] PS3 - | Unrestrained Script 6.5 | Download Free

    Designed by UnrestrainedGTA Hi Cabconmodding, today I bring you Unrestrained. adding some new/unique features. visible to online players. enjoy! Video Changelog v6.5 Known Bugs Credits Download
  3. ★ MagoModz ❤ ★

    Release Mod Loader Maker v2 PS3/x360 - NotYourDope's modloader

    The new version of the tool abandons the modification of my source which is not up to date to use the source of NotYourDope which contains many more options! Main changes: - Uses the NotYourDope mod loader source: - Ability to define a...
  4. T

    Release [v1.01] Grand Theft Auto V Mod Installer

    This is the New Years Update v1.02 *REMOVED MP Mod Menu Install* - Due to installing issues
  5. J

    Question Gta Install fail

    Hey guys i have a problem. I have a jailbroken ps3 on dex and every time i try to install GTA V it says i need to download some uptades. I click on O,K and after loading a few*procent*my ps3 crashes and there are running black and white strips*through my*monitor. Sometimes i can shut my ps3 off...
  6. T

    Outdated Grand Theft Auto V Mod Installer [v0.4.5]

    This is the Major Bug fix UPDATE / MultiPlayer Mod Menu Update My Website: Link
  7. Dev


    Hello there people of cabcon today I will be bringing you guys a showcase of a crazy mod using a mod menu called Legacy overall a great mod menu but keeping on topic I will be showing you guys there version of the Iron man mod overall it is a great mod bit old but still amazing hope you enjoy
  8. Ruff


    Hello guys... This is my first time posting a tutorial for a mod on this website :) i posted a tutorial on my youtube channel (i would really appreciate it if you subscribed) :)) MOD MENU SCREENSHOT: Tutorial: 1. download the script hook and the mod menu from below or...