1. Iwau


    James Mod Loader V35 Total of 51 Menus Counted them Myself. Total of 24 Map Mods can access them through MaggotMaps. GTA V PLAYER MODEL LIST GTA V PLAYER MODEL LIST - GTA V VEHICLE LIST GTA V VEHICLE LIST - GTA V PROP LIST GTA V PROP LIST - [/SPOILER]...
  2. Serendipity

    Release [GTA5 BLES / 1.28] PS3 - | Unrestrained Script 6.5 | Download Free

    Designed by UnrestrainedGTA Hi Cabconmodding, today I bring you Unrestrained. adding some new/unique features. visible to online players. enjoy! Video Changelog v6.5 Known Bugs Credits Download
  3. PhucedMODZ

    Answered 2Much4u's Base

    Wassup, Iv Been Trying Now For Past 3 Days To Get The Correct Floats For The Glare Header On 2Much4u's Base, I Got A Little Bored So Started To Edit It For Fun, But THat Glare Header Has Been Blagging My Head, Iv Done It So Many Times Aswell :/ So Does Anybody Know Exact Floats? Heres What Iv...
  4. Q

    gta5 1.29

    remove if not aloud i bought a iso mod for gta5 yes an iso mod it was for 1.29 but my gta5 version is 1.27 is there anyway to fix that and get my gta version to 1.29?
  5. Tusta

    Outdated GTA5 Halloween Mod Menu + Download/Source

    Hello CCM, :vertical: This is for Single Player Only. Today i will Share you the 'Halloween Mod Menu' By The Crusader, Please Dont Just Release A 'Carbon Copy' Of This Menu, But Learn From it. Changelogs: Version 1.0: Initial Release. Version 1.01: Fixed An Issue With The Vehicle...
  6. ponymodz

    Release GTA Ponyville 1.27/1.28

    Hey Guys, Today i present you My modded PS3 update.rpf. It Contains a custom Loading Screen, T-shirts, Car Textures, Sky, Bigger Sun/Moon Download: MEGA Install: Just Install the .pkg (only for bles) Credits: wilde_sander Some Textures Lai Feng...
  7. Venox

    Question GTA5/What you think about Ps4 Modding?

    Hey here is Alt long Time no see . . i was very busy but now im back at modding My question to you is: what you think about ps4 modding ? can we Talk now about it ? let me Name it Memory Editing because Modding isn't now not the right word for it . Let me know what you think . Gta5 Ps4...