1. ohhsodead

    Question Zombies Inject GSC '_clientids.gsc' (C#)

    I have the following code for injecting '_development_dvars.gsc' into Multiplayer: PS3.SetMemory(0x140C4F0, new byte[] { 0x10, 0x04, 0x00, 0x00 }); //maps/mp/_development_dvars.gsc pointer PS3.SetMemory(0x10040000, GscMods); Could someone please help me to solve how to inject a file to the...
  2. ohhsodead

    Tool Arisen GSC Injector - Browse, Download and Install GSC Mods (PS3/XBOX) [Open Source/Database/C#]

    Hello CabConModding, A basic server-driven Call of Duty: Black Ops II GSC injector. Supports both Multiplayer & Zombies. Update #1: Database now has well over 50 mods. Hopefully Zombies coming soon too. Thank you all for your support. Update #2: All GSC files are now supported, for both...
  3. The Dark Side


    Made by xTurntUpLobbies (EternalHabit) This gsc project is made to help you design your own unique looking base. A lot of people don't know this exists or forgot it did. It was entirely coded by him except for the base it was made on. ^^^ Example