1. Cheesy

    Cheesy (Introduction/About Me)...

    :handpointright: CHEESY :handpointleft: ============ 16 :smirk: ============ MALE :wink: ============ ENGLISH :heart: ============ PS3 MODDER :hearteyes: ============
  2. REEILYMods


    Hello CCM, today I want to introduce myself to the awesome community :heart: Name: REEILYMods | Flo Age: 16 Country: Germany Hobbies: Developing | Modding ;P Skills: C#, C++ and GSC | Making Edits YouTube: Subscribe if you like the stuff I'm uploading :heart: REEILY Mods - YouTube Skype...
  3. Craze

    STriVE MoDz Intro

    Hey I'm STriVE MoDz, This is my introduction because I never made one. I make Discord bots, I know C#,C++,GSC,And more. so yeah. I'm also the guy who loves The Simpsons (A TV Show)