1. Syrup

    Sup Cunts

    hi i mod and game
  2. JeffSkye

    Hey Guys JeffSkye Here

    Hey everyone, my name is Jeffrey better known as JeffSkye. I'm CoD modder, I have modded the old but gold CoD4 for about 8 years or so. Recently moved over to BO3 where I make loads of mods. ( Steam Community :: JeffSkye :: Workshop Items ) I'm one of the moderators on the BO3 Mod Tools...
  3. Craze

    STriVE MoDz Intro

    Hey I'm STriVE MoDz, This is my introduction because I never made one. I make Discord bots, I know C#,C++,GSC,And more. so yeah. I'm also the guy who loves The Simpsons (A TV Show)
  4. SlowModzHD

    Hello guyss

    Hey all ! Who I am ? Im SlowModzHD o_O My real name is Lucas (sexy, I know..) Im 17 years old, In a 1 month I would be 18 years old ! I like practise some sports like the motocross, the thaï boxing.. Im french and I speak a little English, I knew this forum through the channel of @CabCon ...