1. maxwell baker

    Service MW3 Modded lobbies on PC

    Hello. I can host the following for you. If i am not posting this in the correct location, please let me know! MW3: Fun lobbies/trolling. Unlock all recovery service and deranking (for someone you do not like:smile:) ADD: Steam Community :: This, is a bucket or: maxwellray#0659 MW2: Fun...
  2. Bankiieh


    Hey, CabCon. If you host (or know anyone who does) money/modded lobbies on PC. Please write the persons SC name. I need money because I am poor af. Thanks in advance
  3. Pyrex BLJ

    Release Cod Class Customizer Release + Source

    I started this a while back then lost interest in completing it, so instead of having it completely forgotten on my pc i figured i'd release it as is. Download use it for its offsets, or do whatever. the credits page is pretty aids and i was going to change it but idc enough anymore lol...
  4. Pyrex BLJ

    Release AlterOps - Modded Redacted

    A compilation of most of the changes i've made to redacted This is similar to @TheKillerey's Modded Redacted I don't think i used any of his stuff in here but just in case credits to him, for the idea too I'm gonna say i will be updating this in the future as i most likely will, but ill...
  5. Pyrex BLJ

    Release Class Customizer

    Today i bring you my updated Modded Class tool This will let you create your own modded classes instead of just using my premade ones VirusTotal (1 false positive but i made this on live stream so I'm pretty sure nothing bad is in there) Download The Original tool: Bo2 Class Tool Have Fun...
  6. faze rain

    Tutorial How To Be any Prestige In BO2 Redacted

    So I found this from just looking at this guide here Tutorial - Retexturing Black Ops 2 | CabConModding So Make Sure you follow that first so what we need is patch_mp.ipak (for calling cards) and mp.ipak and search prestige in the exported folder and then find the prestige you want and want to...
  7. TheKillerey

    Release REDACTED (Modded) CHANGELOG

    Redacted 18 October 2015 - TECH ALPHA, RE-Release - v.0.0.8 Added Custom Camos Fixed Weapon Textures Added New Background for Main Menu Added New Loading Animation (WIP) ? April 2016 - TECH BETA, Release - v.0.1.1 Changed all normal Camos Fixed new Weapon Textures Fixed loading animation...