mw2 tu8 dll

  1. Jesus1337

    Tool Jasper Inc Mw2 TU8 XP Tool

    Pictures Of The Tool :D Gyazo - 7ea350fbfa8f278cc87f737036d9c499.png Gyazo - 9f46e44bc3af7d1be0eb10c9ad8aba6b.png Gyazo - 393a10a5c6b68354314a00e353b03d6a.png Virus Scan: Antivirus scan for 110cee012c4ecb13e9a121e798c6dd516cd89147df6cbbe35d00d1015c9ef3f2 at2016-08-17 19:16:58 UTC -...
  2. Sheperdebops

    Tutorial Creating TU8 DLL

    So before I begin this is only going be the basics and how to fully create your own look. This is similar to GSC in some respect but its harder to get things to work like GSC so take your time with this. You will need my Clean TU8 DLL now this is basically Se7enSins JTAG TU8 DLL but its been...