1. Pyrex BLJ

    Release Some (new?) 1.19 offsets

    i have found some offsets in black ops 2 over the past few days and even though most of them are just useless fun figured I'd release them for you all to pay with :grinning: I'll update this thread when i find more Some of them i found in multiplayer, others in zombies but most of them...
  2. Craze

    Answered Finding Offsets

    So, I'm making an RTM and I need offsets for PC. Does anyone know any 1.19 PC offset list, or how to get the offsets from PC?
  3. G

    Release 1.24 Correct Offsets

    Hey Guys, I created this thread so that members in this section could have correct working offsets. All of these have been tested and confirmed by me and xKtF. Lets try to get this thread stickied to help the community God Mode Use FF for god mode, 00 to take it off Offset: 0x0FCA41E + (0x280...