1. xCometMods

    Release [PC]Black Ops Zombies Kino v1.2 C++ Host Menu (Online/Offline)

    This is a Host menu written in c++ using in-game GSC functions. As far as I know, it's the only one out there of its kind. This can be used both offline/online(if you're the host). The menu contains a good anti-vac which will make sure that when you play you're chance of getting banned is a lot...
  2. C

    Question Can I play a Black ops 1 Zombie mod menu together with friends / online?

    I searched for several days for a menu mod that might work online with friends but I can't find anything. I love encore8 but unfortunately it only works in single player mod. Would there be a menu mod that would work in multiplayer?
  3. PhilZockt

    Question Black Ops 3 Crack Lan Question

    So me and my friends are installing [Fitgirls Repack] Black Ops 3 v100 right now i saw some people saying you can only play Lan Multiplayer with other people by using Tunngle but since Tunngle is gone you cant use it anymore so im trying to find a solution for that. Many people also tried...
  4. D

    Question Any bo1 zombies mods for PC that work online?

    I've been looking for the past hour or so and everything that I've found is saying that it's only for solo games, bo has been out for 10 years. I think there would be at least one menu that works online. If you guys know of any please let me know. I have the steam version, with all of the dlc...
  5. PassiveModding

    Outdated $9.99 CID+PSIDs || 1 Week Warranty!

    Enjoy Babes! Any questions feel free to ask me or join my discord and ask there: PassiveModding
  6. P

    Release [PokeOne MMO] PokeBuddy Cheat Client [v.0.8.8]

    PokeBuddy Website: PokeBuddy PokeBuddy Community Forum: Forums - PokeBuddy PokeOne Download: PokéOne - Free 3D Pokémon MMORPG What is PokeBuddy? PokeBuddy is a user-friendly cheating software that is made for PokeOne MMO. You must have PokeOne installed on the default path before using this...
  7. Q

    gta5 1.29

    remove if not aloud i bought a iso mod for gta5 yes an iso mod it was for 1.29 but my gta5 version is 1.27 is there anyway to fix that and get my gta version to 1.29?