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  1. xCometMods

    Release WW2 Zombies Weapon ID List (PC)

    So this thread is kind of empty so I thought I could add the weapon id list for: The Final Reich&Grösten Haus. These work for steam, cracked or any working version of Call of Duty: World War || The Final Reich and Grösten Haus Weapon ID List...
  2. T

    Release [GSC] Call of Duty: World at War Elasticity v1 Final Version +Download

    Here it is, the most anticipated World at War mod menu of 2015-2016 for free Elasticity V1. I'd like to thank QM StarFxcked for originally releasing this on Se7ensins. Elasticity V1 [PC] Download: Elasticity v1 Virusscan Note: If you wish to play the Unity Campaign you will need to download...