1. Pyrex BLJ

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Perxy Undefined Source

    Hey Guys, since no one really makes anything for zombies nowadays i figured why not just throw this together and put the source out, maybe someone will continue working on it. I probably won't update this very often, its pretty simple and hopefully not much to go wrong with it. Here are the...
  2. Pyrex BLJ

    Release Perxy SPRX 3.0

    This is the 3.0 of my SPRX Enjoy Download: Perxy SPRX v3
  3. Pyrex BLJ

    Release Perxy v2 Non-Host SPRX

    Here is the second version of my menu More details in the included info text document :smile: Enjoy no new thread cuz im lazy Download: Perxy SPRX v2