playstation 3 questions

  1. CoreyModzDEX

    Answered CFW PS3 Transfer?

    Hey I got a jailbroken fat ps3 witch is ****ing **** due to the amount of heat the console builds even with thermal replacement so I when and bought ps3 slim 4.81 ofw witch is quiet as a mouse Is it possible to transfer my fat cfw to my ofw slim cause fat has broken fan connector and fats are...
  2. Ganjanikos

    Answered PS3 Freeze after a few matches. What can I do?

    Hello CCM, After 2 or 3 matches (No matter if i use mods or not) of Black ops 2(I use a custom Eboot) My ps3 freezes while loading the main screen. What should i do? Till now the Eboot worked fine
  3. CoreyModzDEX

    Outdated PS3 Updating Problem

    So i was installing 4.70 drex when i was on 4.81 drex cause every homebrew i launched blackscreened my friend said it would fix it huge mistake really. Also i replaced thermal paste 20 mins before. So i start update blah blah got to 41% and said update failed 60 seconds to restart and it did...
  4. n3m3sis28

    Answered ps3 jailbreak

    hello can someone pls help me my jailbroken ps3 is shutting itself down more then once a day end then it says the system software is not working correct press start and sellect at the same time