pluto t6

  1. DetixKannEhNix

    Question Sniper Damage up, Other Weapons normal Damage

    Hello guys, i want to make a server for me and my friends to trickshot oldshool in s&d but want that the snipers one shot everytime and make no hitmarker Is there someone who have an idea how the gsc code have to be? I test out so many code but doesnt get the right one :/
  2. ladlol

    Tutorial Black Ops 2 Plutonium Inject GSC mod / Load GSC mods

    Hi … so I see everyone posting and requesting I want a modmenu injector for plutonium and I wanted it too but I came up with a solution sorry about my grammar and spelling mistakes Updated tutorial from pluto: How to use a Mod Menu without Injecting (Loading GSC Scripts Client Sided) Step 1...
  3. CPSG

    Request Black Ops 2 GSC Injector for Pluto T6

    Plutonium T6 came out and theres no injectors that work with it, I was hoping to mess around in zombies but can't. Does anyone know of injector that can support or maybe select the Plutonium exe as you cannot rename the exe or it breaks the game.
  4. Slander

    Release Plutonium T6 - Black Ops 2 LAN Client +Download

    Hello everyone, I am hear to present to you Plutonium's new client for T6 (Black Ops 2). Features I am sure most of the Call of Duty fans that play on PC are fond of Redacted. If not, Redacted is a older client for Black Ops 2. However, the Redacted...