1. CuteHentaiKitty

    GSC Black ops 3(PC) Account boost, Cryptokeys/Liquid Divinium,Unlock all

    Doing account boosts for PC! Anything from master prestige, to all the Crypto, Divinium you need! I do these 1 on 1 for the lower price ✓ Check out the discord and get yours today! Join the Kitty's Recovery Service Discord Server!
  2. D

    [REQUEST] I need Black Ops 1 multiplayer Stat files

    Yo ccm! It's ya boi back again! Look, as the title^^ says, I need the bo1 mp stat files asap! What I need is the "profiles" folder in your root bo1 folder. It would be amazing if the stats you send are 1000% complete (ie max level, prestige, pro perks, etc). The thing is, I deleted my stats by...
  3. faze rain

    Tutorial How To Be any Prestige In BO2 Redacted

    So I found this from just looking at this guide here Tutorial - Retexturing Black Ops 2 | CabConModding So Make Sure you follow that first so what we need is patch_mp.ipak (for calling cards) and mp.ipak and search prestige in the exported folder and then find the prestige you want and want to...