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    Question Need Help with BO2 PS3

    Can someone help me to find Black ops 2 mods to go with Zombies and Multiplayer. My BO2 file is BLES and my PS3 slim is running webMAN 1.47.45 MOD. 4.90 CEX Cobra 8.4 (NTFS) (Rebug-PS3MAPI). I'm new to this stuff, webMAN is used for flies and is like a PC, CEX is for safe online mode?, Cobra is...
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    Preview Tool Black Ops 2 1.19 PS3 CEX/DEX {2019} By

    ATTENTION POUR EVITER LES CODES ERREURS QUI SONT RAR MAIS POSSIBLE IL Y A QUE 3 OU 2 =============Donation Paypal================= ⏬ Donation en vers moi Loris Console ⏬...