1. T

    Question Link to Elemental Bows and Elemental Staffs?

    Does anyone have the files for Elemental bows and staffs mod? The mod is backup on steam workshop if anyone has access to download would be great if we get reupload. The mod adds elemental weapons in mystery box.
  2. bradski9898

    Master prestige lvl 1?

    could anyone possibly get me master prestige lvl 1. was master prestige on console and switched to pc thought i would ask
  3. Blurry42

    BO3 map request | 47 Berkerly Street

    I was wondering if someone coud get the custom map 47 Berkerly street Link: Steam Workshop::47 BERKERLY LANE BETA
  4. J

    Answered Please add this mod?

    Please add this mod to black ops 3 modding? Steam Workshop :: Halo Weapons Mod
  5. A

    Question Black Ops 3 Weapons Unlock All?

    Hi there , I installed BO3 recently and when i went to Multiplayer i saw some Classified weapons. Is there any Mod or anybody can create one for unlocking these Classified things ? Also i have CRACKED BO3 so i can't unlock them from playing online :tonguewink: .