1. N

    Question I need a BO2 Zombies GSC (Redacted)

    I need a GSC to make it so instead of dying in two hits from a zombie, you die in 3 hits. Also for jug, make it one more hit as well. Can anybody do this for me? No idea how to make a GSC myself lmao I need spoonfeed :)
  2. artjomgo

    Question Hi, Does anyone know a script for infinite perk cells for Black Ops 2?

    I wanted to make a server on Plutonium. I think that those who played on this client in zombie mode know such servers as ''No Limit Perks''. I also wanted to make No Limit Perks, but so far I haven’t found a script. Help me please
  3. sprx

    Release Sythen Source

    Sythen Exploit / Executor Instagram: Discord: SQLFail#6868 Snapchat: izonedownsnaps What is Sythen? Sythen is a Level 6 Executor for Roblox Source? Yes! This is the source to Sythen for you to learn & Build from! Download? Yes! Download here: Sythen Source by SPRX Contact...
  4. R

    GSC Simple, Small Menu Base!

    Menu Base: I was making a simple SnD menu until I got bored of it, so I converted it to a base and now releasing it. Enjoy :)
  5. Serendipity

    Release [GTA5 BLES / 1.28] PS3 - | Unrestrained Script 6.5 | Download Free

    Designed by UnrestrainedGTA Hi Cabconmodding, today I bring you Unrestrained. adding some new/unique features. visible to online players. enjoy! Video Changelog v6.5 Known Bugs Credits Download
  6. Sparks

    Release Aimbot and Enemy Finder +Download Aimbot and Enemy Finder By Sparks (If someone can make a video please do and ill put it here) Features Aimbot and Enemy Finder for How To Use -When in game press "E" -To know the hack is working you will not punch when you press "E" -Play the game, when you get within a...
  7. C

    Answered Need a simple script to run different commands by pressing button combos

    The title says it all. Just need a script that allows anyone to press a combo for god, infinite ammo, drop current weapon and noclip. Btw Im new to scripting so I need something to look at and modify to learn from it. Thanks.
  8. Kibitz

    Answered Help with BO3 Scripting

    Anyone know why I am getting this error? I can't seem to find out. The Mod Menu works when I remove the code. But when I add it back, it fails to compile? Anyone? This is the function: function func_allperks() self SetPerk = strTok { self clearperks(); self - This...
  9. Craze

    Answered Random player picker?

    I'm making a custom gamemode, but at the start of the game someone random has to be chosen. Has anyone got a script? You will get credit. :D
  10. Craze

    Answered Is there a way to find the players screen resolution?

    I want to find it because, I need something on my menu too be the exact size, can anyone help? Thanks in advance. :D