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    Request MW3 SP/Spec Ops Aimbot Wallhack

    Is anybody capable to make injectable or trainer with Aimbot wallhack to Singleplayer and Spec ops? There was one by Lovroman bat he/she got banned from MPGH...
  2. H

    Question How to get spec ops mod menu to work?

    Ive been trying for an hour trying getting mw2 game files. Is jailbreak the only way to use the mod menu?
  3. P!X

    Release COD 2 Singleplayer Mod Menu

    Hello everybody :) I love how some people say "why are you still doing stuff for old COD's" xD Sooooooo now i made i little Menu for Cod 2 Singleplayer ;) Its a very small menu but i like it cause its "something new" and cause its very very basic, it doesnt have much options cause i havent put...