1. SlowModzHD

    Hello guyss

    Hey all ! Who I am ? Im SlowModzHD o_O My real name is Lucas (sexy, I know..) Im 17 years old, In a 1 month I would be 18 years old ! I like practise some sports like the motocross, the thaï boxing.. Im french and I speak a little English, I knew this forum through the channel of @CabCon ...
  2. SlowModzHD

    Release SlowModzHD Superman V3.0 SPRX ! [1.14]

    Yo all ! :grinning: Today I release the version 3.0 of my Superman ModMenu ! Usable in MW2 1.14 (not bypass!) :grinning: FOR THE HOST : The menu working in 1080p & 720p (resolution), but it's better to play in 720p.. FOR THE CLIENT : They don't have the HOST menu and then, they can play...