1. sprx

    Release Instagram Post Spammer

    IGSpam uses Instagram CSRF Token to loginto your Instagram and allows you to spam comments on a post! YOU CAN ONLY POST ON PUBLIC INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS, IF YOU FOLLOW A PRIVATE ACCOUNT YOU MAY STILL BE ABLE TO POST ON IT This tool is meant for security & educational purposes only! I am not...
  2. O

    Release Simple Spam Tool By msx82

    Hi Today i bring you this small tool and simple. Its a spam tool Download :!MUEUQbiJ Key : !sitVpm1QrqrisDSkk7eiQ6r-BPI1GXvlWzve28aSjFM Virus Scan : Antivirus scan for 0550e8afab8a1854656531d404110a27a5540b73b512c0d0360b36a077ba60dc at2017-01-22 15:59:16 UTC - VirusTotal
  3. PuddsMods

    How to make a skype spammer [Easy] Tuto | Beginners -VB-

    Make sure you Have the skype class on VB Hey Guys its PuddsMods Today im going to show you how to code a skype Spammer coding a skype spammer is really simple to do. What you need: Visual Basics, Windows Form application , Drag 2 Buttons 2 Labels 2 TextBoxes, now put Textbox1 on top textbox2...