sprx loader

  1. ohhsodead

    Release All-In-One Loader (80+ Mods) [PS3/DEX]

    Server-driven application for uploading mods to your PS3. What is AIO Loader? I created an All-In-One Loader for my own personal use, I thought the community could do with something like this so I decided to release. This application is designed to bring all types of mods into one database...
  2. Markf2015

    Release BO2 sprx loader 2 modmenus and 21 custom game modes

    Hi Guys i made this because i love to play custom game modes, and if you know or have any custom gamemode that i didnt include in my sprx loader then plzz tell me so that i can add them. enjoy the gamemodes. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]