1. Craze

    STriVE MoDz Intro

    Hey I'm STriVE MoDz, This is my introduction because I never made one. I make Discord bots, I know C#,C++,GSC,And more. so yeah. I'm also the guy who loves The Simpsons (A TV Show)
  2. Craze

    Release Project FroZ v2 [GSC] [FREE] [PC] [CONSOLE]

    It's here, Project FroZ v2.. Probably my best menu.. (for real). DL: Project FroZ v2 VT: Antivirus scan for f716359398d9a7dff8a8c58b85a6a9546ed2d1eefda77c0a867ff8a97b99b7ec at2016-05-07 14:41:59 UTC - VirusTotal Credits: FEB - Menu Base Me - Functions. BaDSooD - Fixing Errors Features: God...
  3. Craze

    Release Project FroZ v1 [FREE] [PC & CONSOLE]

    It's here... Project FroZ v1.. Probably my best menu yet :tonguewink: DL: Project FroZ v1 VT: Antivirus scan for f8344db984c25ebb631a01f7ce42200a3ada5cac6aa552641b9baae63f3b78ad at2016-05-07 07:13:27 UTC - VirusTotal Credits: -Me -SkullModz Menu Base Screenshot: