1. Pok

    Preview "Unfair" aimbot

    Whipped up this aimbot for craftnite, made it "unfair" by by teleporting you to the players. As close to a COD unfair aimbot I could get it atm. Might release it maybe not, its pretty ****. Misses most shots if the player is moving, teleports you into walls sometimes.
  2. T

    Outdated Fortnite Battle Royale Aimbot/Telekill/No Spread/ESP/Chams

    I didn't made this cheat! All credits go to sumwo, zoomy500 and Nseven. Virus Scan: Antivirus scan for 475de3316accd0022d882f9f29a90c49815851726acc189bafec6686ca2c1589 at2017-10-07 15:55:48 UTC - VirusTotal