the final statement

  1. S

    Answered How do I inject .gsc with GSC Studio?

    Hi, I'm trying to inject CabCon's The Final Statement BO2 into redacted, and since the mod menu comes in a .gsc and not a .gscr, when I try to inject a compiled script file like some tutorials on YT say to, it doesn't let me. Any and all help would be appreciated on how to inject it. Thanks!
  2. Craze

    GSC The Final Statement menu base [BO2/1.19]

    Hey CCM. I was just bored, so I made The Final Statement into a menu base. Remember to use the credits provided in this thread and you :grinning:. BTW, It has infinite scroll :grinning: Download is attached below. Video: Screenshot: Credits: VT: Antivirus scan for...