1. TheKillerey

    Release Custom Camos #11 | Bo1 | Download | Orange Plasma + Ghosts PaP

    Not my best camos but the next one will be legendary :grinning: Requested camos !!! Download
  2. TheKillerey

    Preview The End of the World: The Game

    Hey Buddys :) I am working 3 years on a FPS Survival game named The End of the World. But the project was deleted by a virus. So now I want recreate it and finish my first map with survival stuff :D Okay here is the latest Pic of my old Project: And this is the new project (21.04.16)...
  3. TheKillerey

    Preview Custom Camos #10 | Black Ops 1 | Ice Fire and Dark Matter Camo

    Whats up guys I want to show you my new Custom Camo Series #10 First of all I recreated my old and also loved Ice Fire Camo to Black Ops 1 but now its animated :grinning: The second is the Dark Matter Camo. Its a Black Ops 3 remake!!! BTW its also animated :grinning: Ice Fire Camo: Dark Matter...