1. SpookyST

    Request Need tool to level up

    Hey. i'm looking for a tool to get to max level and prestige! Unlock all would have been great as well, so if some1 are working on one! Hit me up on discord and we'll discuss the prize! ;-) Discord: Spooky#7084
  2. The Dark Side

    Tool Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 RawFileManager SOURCE

    Hey there everyone. I found this today on Demon Forums. And i figured i would share it with you all. As many of you are amazingly talented and know more about what to do with this than i do. If tinkered the right way, it could allow GSC online. This is a tool that allows GSC on Xbox. Download...
  3. MenneMoDDinq

    Tool ⚡Ultimate Bo3 Tool⚡Rank/Derank/Full Recovery/Zombie Options/ZM Recovery⚡

    ⚡Ultimate Bo3 Tool⚡ by MenneMoDDinq ⚡-:-Main-:-⚡ Webman Window CCAPI Notify Window CCAPI Window RPC Antiban (ZM/MP) Update Checker Report system ⚡-:-Recovery-:-⚡ Prestige Selector (with Images) 100% Unlockall Huge Stats Editor Class name Changer Specialists Changer Self Derank etc. ⚡-:-Name...
  4. blakkboy

    Question Black Ops II Sound Studio v1.5.2 by master131

    Hey there community, I've searched a few hours now for a working link of the tool "Black Ops II Sound Studio v1.5.2 by master131" but I can't find any site to download it from. The problem is that I can't register on the *tsMods website, because they have the reCAPTCHA V1 and that thing is...
  5. TheNigel

    Tool Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 DVAR Tool Steam 1.2.211 +Download

    Here is a virus scan of the executable: Here is a virus scan of the rar archive...
  6. ohhsodead

    Release All-In-One Loader (80+ Mods) [PS3/DEX]

    Server-driven application for uploading mods to your PS3. What is AIO Loader? I created an All-In-One Loader for my own personal use, I thought the community could do with something like this so I decided to release. This application is designed to bring all types of mods into one database...
  7. xEony

    Preview MW2 IW4x Hack/Bypass Tool "IW4xTool" by xEony

    Preview Screenshot Description This tool allows to hack and bypass bans on IW4x servers. It is just a test to show that IW4x's AC is vulnerable. Although it seems like IW4x is not using any "active" AC, just some sort of blocking system to prevent memory access, it is still possible to get...
  8. Pyrex BLJ

    Release Cod Class Customizer Release + Source

    I started this a while back then lost interest in completing it, so instead of having it completely forgotten on my pc i figured i'd release it as is. Download use it for its offsets, or do whatever. the credits page is pretty aids and i was going to change it but idc enough anymore lol...
  9. ohhsodead

    Question Zombies Inject GSC '_clientids.gsc' (C#)

    I have the following code for injecting '_development_dvars.gsc' into Multiplayer: PS3.SetMemory(0x140C4F0, new byte[] { 0x10, 0x04, 0x00, 0x00 }); //maps/mp/_development_dvars.gsc pointer PS3.SetMemory(0x10040000, GscMods); Could someone please help me to solve how to inject a file to the...
  10. ohhsodead

    Tool AtomicX - Browse, Download and Install GSC Mods (PS3/XBOX) [Open Source/Database/C#]

    Hello CabConModding, A basic server-driven Call of Duty: Black Ops II GSC injector. Supports both Multiplayer & Zombies. Update #1: Database now has well over 50 mods. Hopefully Zombies coming soon too. Thank you all for your support. Update #2: All GSC files are now supported, for both...
  11. Pyrex BLJ

    Release Class Customizer

    Today i bring you my updated Modded Class tool This will let you create your own modded classes instead of just using my premade ones VirusTotal (1 false positive but i made this on live stream so I'm pretty sure nothing bad is in there) Download The Original tool: Bo2 Class Tool Have Fun...
  12. ThomasModdeur

    Some small tools free of black ops 2 1.19

    Hi folks, I created small forum to publish some free tools, quite comprehensive and friendly for those who do not want to search: D We start with the Tool BISOON which is quite complete, it is made for you, there is the mod multiplayer and zombies! You can have fun for hours! Download Link...
  13. Jesus1337

    Tool Jasper Inc Mw2 TU8 XP Tool

    Pictures Of The Tool :D Gyazo - 7ea350fbfa8f278cc87f737036d9c499.png Gyazo - 9f46e44bc3af7d1be0eb10c9ad8aba6b.png Gyazo - 393a10a5c6b68354314a00e353b03d6a.png Virus Scan: Antivirus scan for 110cee012c4ecb13e9a121e798c6dd516cd89147df6cbbe35d00d1015c9ef3f2 at2016-08-17 19:16:58 UTC -...
  14. N

    Tool Tool Bo3 1.07 Antiban Cex & Dex

    Tool BO3 for 1.07 online ! Preview : Screenshot by Lightshot DOWNLOAD : TOOL BO3 By YOMISMO 1.07 VIRUS SCAN : Antivirus scan for 8c3c88aa1f9e81c3616e745aaf161322e2eb87469f548c81e6639f68a4d8a23a at2016-06-21 19:44:25 UTC - VirusTotal
  15. God

    Tool TeknoMW3 Tool

    Hello CCM :raisedhands: I'm re-releasing my TeknoMW3 tool as its been updated. Enjoy Video: Pic: Download: TeknoMW3 Tool Virus scan: Antivirus scan for 00d9e7cee4f0e2738af90c4b1e406f0b9cce1ea70d0ac599f014ffc4e05d15a0 at2016-06-04 15:36:49 UTC - VirusTotal (obfuscation, false positive)
  16. Matt

    Release Garry's Mod simple .LUA script (CabConModding v1.5)

    Hello! I'm going to be releasing my simple Garry's Mod script that I've been working on recently. Anyone who knows anything about .lua/derma will see that this is a very simple menu - however that is the whole point of this, to not lag out the player/cap their FPS to 60 (as alot of the Garry's...
  17. SlowModzHD

    Release SlowModzHD Superman V3.0 SPRX ! [1.14]

    Yo all ! :grinning: Today I release the version 3.0 of my Superman ModMenu ! Usable in MW2 1.14 (not bypass!) :grinning: FOR THE HOST : The menu working in 1080p & 720p (resolution), but it's better to play in 720p.. FOR THE CLIENT : They don't have the HOST menu and then, they can play...