trickshot menu

  1. TwinightCow

    Answered What is the model ID for a carepackage

    Ive been trying to make an azza menu (ported from bo2) spawnPlat(location) { while (isDefined(self.spawnedcrate[0][0])) { i = -3; while (i < 3) { d = -3; while (d < 3) { self.spawnedcrate[i][d] delete(); d++...
  2. T

    Release "ThisKillcam's" Menu update!

    Hey guys, today I wanna release a updated version of my mod menu "ThisKillcam’s“ :tonguewink: Its nothing special, I only fixed a few bugs, changed the theme a little bit and added a few new features. ps. I know that players die when they get verified and that the whole menu isnt stealth...