1. M

    Answered Mdw2 Trickshot Menu.

    I was wondering if there is a Trickshot mod menu on Mdw2 for PC (with aimbot mode) if looked on other mods and didn't see any aimbot on any of them. Please let me know if you know one, Thank you! :)
  2. Jack Laverick


    Hello, my name is Jack. I enjoy gaming and modding. I have recently just released my first menu for BO2 called Chaos Trickshot Menu. I would appreciate if you guys could check it out:yum:
  3. TwinightCow

    Answered What is the model ID for a carepackage

    Ive been trying to make an azza menu (ported from bo2) spawnPlat(location) { while (isDefined(self.spawnedcrate[0][0])) { i = -3; while (i < 3) { d = -3; while (d < 3) { self.spawnedcrate[i][d] delete(); d++...
  4. TwinightCow

    Answered Need help with code

    function InitAimbottrick() { if(self.Aim == false) { self.Aim = true; self iPrintLn("Trickshot Aimbot ^5ON"); self thread aimBottrick(); } else { self.Aim = false; self iPrintLn("Trickshot Aimbot ^1OFF"); self notify("stop_aimbot"); } } function aimBottrick() { self endon( "disconnect" )...