1. HuskyMods

    Answered PS3 CFW VPN

    So I obviously have tried looking up different methods of getting a VPN and such, I dont have access to an ethernet cable (nor do I have money to buy one atm, which crosses off bridging the ps3 connection to my pc) and I was wondering if theres any PKG style vpn for a cfw ps3? Or if not what...
  2. Lucifer

    Release VPN Service for PS3/XBOX consoles

    Hello users of ccm my most recent project has come to be a complete success. I was working on a vpn and was successful and having it compatible with ps3/xbox consoles. Although in order to keep the server running I am unfortunately going to have to sell the vpn. So if you are tired of getting...
  3. Lucifer

    Question Spyproof Vpn on Console?

    Hello users of ccm, i recently bought Spyproof vpn and i was curious on how i could run it on my ps3/ps4. It uses pptp connection as shown in this screenshot Things I have tried Sharing the adapter with my internet cord that is plugged in...