1. Anyel1to

    Release Cod WaW Mod Menu For Zombies (Cobra v1)

    HI GUYS TODAY I WILL BRING YOU A MOD MENU FOR THIS GAME SINCE I HAVE NOT SEE ANY MOD MENU IN HERE FOR ZOMBIES Instructions On How To INSTALL: 1. Download Provided Mod Menu By Cobar V1. 2. Open up your Call Of Duty World At War Folder (Which Includes Your Game Data.) 3. Open Up "ZONE" and then...
  2. Lucifer

    Question Trying to set index to 0

    I am getting a error with my patch it continues to say trying to set index to 0 anyone know a fix
  3. The Dark Side

    Release Anti-Cheat Patch Menu (All In One)

    The name is a little unoriginal at this point. Lol. Heya! How's it going? I'm here to release an Anti-Cheat menu. it took me about 3 or so days to put this together. But figured Waw really needed it. Its LONG over due if you ask me. You can use this menu if you want! Edit as well...
  4. Lucifer

    Request W@W Menu Base for War Gamemode?

    Could someone possibly help me out and make a w@w menu base patch that works in War i have tried many menus and bases and none work in war they give me a script error if someone could help me this would be great<3
  5. 1

    Answered How Do I Make A WaW CFG Menu?

    Hello! I Need Help Making A WaW CFG MOD MENU, If You Can, Send A Tutorial To [email protected]
  6. T

    Release [GSC] Call of Duty: World at War Elasticity v1 Final Version +Download

    Here it is, the most anticipated World at War mod menu of 2015-2016 for free Elasticity V1. I'd like to thank QM StarFxcked for originally releasing this on Se7ensins. Elasticity V1 [PC] Download: Elasticity v1 Virusscan Note: If you wish to play the Unity Campaign you will need to download...
  7. Lucifer

    Answered Waw rtm kick tool

    Hello ccm members i have been looking for a waw rtm tool that can kick clients because i try to host legit lobbies on waw and i always find modders joining so that makes me have to end the game and kick them i was wondering if there was a tool or if someone could make a tool that allows me to...