1. B

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 PC, PS3, XBOX Mod Menu gsc.cty +Download

    Introducing my new improved GSC menu for Black Ops 1! Thanks to @ImJtagModz this is working for all clients on PS3 & XBOX. Video features some of the important features, everything else is explained in the and the release notes. Link to the Github page with Download...
  2. CF4_99

    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 SP GSC Mod Menu by CF4_99 +Download

    Modern Warfare 3 SP Mod Menu Developed By CF4_99 NOTE: The only way to use this, is to inject using Infinity Loader Please Do Not Leave Any Opinions Based On Infinity Loader Prices For Infinity Loader: InfinityLoader The base was originally the TMIL Base made by AokMikey. I rebuilt and...
  3. The Dark Side

    Tool Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 RawFileManager SOURCE

    Hey there everyone. I found this today on Demon Forums. And i figured i would share it with you all. As many of you are amazingly talented and know more about what to do with this than i do. If tinkered the right way, it could allow GSC online. This is a tool that allows GSC on Xbox. Download...
  4. C

    RGH cant find my tools on pc

    So Neighborhood connect fine to my RGH but any other tool besides that it doesn't seem to find my RGH on my internet. With the tool RGHC I get errors "JRPC Not running on Console". So it seems like all my plugins arnt working except Neighborhood works perfect. I had this toll running before but...
  5. Liam

    Release Xbox 360 Auto DLL Loader +Download

    Hey CCM, Title Says it all. This program lets you load dlls, without a patched xex. [+] How Does it work? [1] Put the dll you want to load in your game root on your xbox like so below. [2] Put the same dll in the root of the tool, like this. [3] Hold ctrl+right click and select open...
  6. ImHaxoTV

    GTA 4 (Grand Theft Auto IV) Mods/Mod Menus & Modding Stuff PC/Ps3/Xbox 360

    Info: Here can you find all about GTA 4 Mods, have fun! GTA IV Xbox & PC File Editing Programs General OpenIV Use this to open the GTA IV .rpf and .img files, it also lets you extract and replace files within the archives. This will be needed to edit or make your own custom mods. Download...
  7. Craze

    New Look or Old Look?

    So if you have an xbox one, and got one when it was the first ui look kinda thing. It looked a bit like the newer 360 ui. And now we have the new ui. Which do you prefer? I'm okay with both. Also, #first
  8. NexusDev

    Riptide Force Source Code - PS3/PC/XBOX

    Riptide Force Source Code - PS3 / XBOX / PC Download : Riptide Force Source
  9. Whitech

    Outdated Are KVs becoming more and more rare as time passes?

    So I am planning to get into modding soon, but the Xbox 360 has been discontinued since April this year. Does that mean KVs will be harder and harder to get? Is it worth getting an RGH now?