xbox one

  1. TomRGB

    Reset Zombies Stats

    Can anyone reset zombies stats? (rank reset, kills, rounds on leaderboards, etc)

    Retro Classic's On Xbox One

    Notice: Any issues go to the program's creator! How to play retro classics on Xbox One! With just a few steps needed! Step 1 Dumping ROM's Okay first off to get your roms look up this phrase online " Game title " ROM Simple! Now head over to that file you just downloaded. If it is zipped...
  3. TryRed

    Answered Call of Duty Black Ops III Mods on PS4 & XBOX ONE?

    So with the recent release of Mod Tools for Call of Duty Black Ops III on PC, I started to ask my self a question: wouldn't it be possible for console users to have access to the content created with mod tools? I mean, is not like I thought about it out of thin air, we have seen a few videogames...
  4. C

    Discussion Will modding be possible on the XBOX ONE?

    Just wondering if any modding has been released for the xbox one lately?
  5. Craze

    New Look or Old Look?

    So if you have an xbox one, and got one when it was the first ui look kinda thing. It looked a bit like the newer 360 ui. And now we have the new ui. Which do you prefer? I'm okay with both. Also, #first