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  • Hello CabCon I really wanna play with my friend call of duty zombies but im really sad that i keep getting an error when i try to click host enable and multiplayer it says Can't start .exe Could you please help me i would be so happy to play with my friend :smile:


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    nice to meet you.
    I would like to ask you about GSC for MW2019 and MWII (2022).
    Does CabCon have any information?
    I honestly just saw it on YouTube l but I don't know anything about it. Maybe when I got time I'll check it out.
    Thank you for contacting us.

    We have created threads for GSC Modding for MW2019 and MWII here.

    I have also sent a friend request to your Discord (ID: hinatapoko).

    We hope that GSC Modding for the latest CoD will flourish.
    does black ops 1 encore work with online? trying to play with my buddy in a private zombies match and its not opening past the loading screen
    I need help with my BO2 redacted everything runs fine but i can't see my friends on the LAN where we are both connected
    I need help with infinity loader I keep having to update it i've been doing it for 2 says whats going on i even redownloaded it and everything
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