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    Answered XBOX RGH problem

    So i have this problem. So my hdd already has everything i need and my steath is Ninja. the problem is when ever i boot it up after like a minute it will just say there was a problem with Ninja and reboot. But When i manage to get to dash launch and change my stealth it will never save and i...
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    Release [GSC] TINY MENU BASE

    This looks awesome! Ill be sure to try it out :D
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    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Jericho Engine +Download

    Noob here, would this work for a RGH xbox? If so how would i use it
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    Answered Pls Can someone help me XEX MENU

    So you dont have a rgh or jtag? If not there really is no way to run XeX
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    Outdated Connect RGH Online

    So i just got my rgh today and have been trying now to get it online but i cant. In dashlaunch i disable Stuff but it never does anything and when i test connection it says its fine but i need to update. When i downlod the update it just says it failed. One thing my rgh Already has NINJA...
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    Release [LEAKED] Bo2 Jiggy v4.2 Mod Menu Source Code + Free Download

    noob here so i have read the other post that was how to GSC. I downloaded the text file and made a new project in GSC and just pasted it in main.gsc is it all ready to go if i connected it to my xbox 360 (rgh) or would i have to do anything else?