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    Question [C# PS3] Rank Modification Not Working Correctly

    Hello, I'm messing around modding BO3 on PS3 with an RTM tool and everything is working perfectly apart from when I attempt to modify my rank using public static uint Rank = 937289176u - 94u; and PS3.SetMemory(Addresses.Rank, BitConverter.GetBytes((uint)numericUpDown2.Value)); my rank does...
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    Tutorial [TUT]How to mod Zombies on Pc

    Able to update the images? Cheers.
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    Got the 2 years award! :)

    Got the 2 years award! :)
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    Ayy, got the 1 year award! :)

    Ayy, got the 1 year award! :)
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    Answered GSC Default Player Model?

    Hey CabConModding community, does anyone know the script for the default player? E.g If my model was a dog and I want to set it back to the default player model. Thanks.
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    Answered GSC Code Help

    Thanks bro got it working. :)
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    Answered GSC Code Help

    Hey CabConModding community, so basically I have been making this x2 Speed code but i freezes my console when I choose it in the menu, here is the code: toggleSpeed() { if(self.speed==false) { self thread Speed(); self.speed=true; self iPrintln("x2 Speed ^2On")...
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    Outdated modders names on PS3

    What's your problem?
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    Answered Force Host Not Working

    How long does it take you to find a game? Also, what eboot are you using?
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    Answered Force Host Not Working

    Is anyone else having trouble force hosting on Black Ops 2? For the past few weeks I haven't been able to get people to join my game while force hosting. My NAT type is open and my connection is at 41mbps, has Treyarch patched force hosting or something?
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    Outdated Can't get on Ferris Wheel

    So I have the Ferris Wheel ride in my menu and whenever I go to ride it I press square and it just makes me crouch and I don't get on the ride, I'll attach the files if someone can help. :) GSC